What is the visa invitation letter?

An invitation letter is required for receiving a visa to travel to Russia. This document consists of two parts: the confirmation and the voucher and contains information about the purpose of your trip, your itinerary, the hotels you are staying at and your passport details. You can find out whether you are required to obtain a visa at the website of the Russian embassy or consulate in your country. Please click here to see an example of an invitation letter. Please read the service Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

In order to receive an invitation letter, please fill in the form below. It takes little time. If you are travelling as a group and both the dates of your stay and itinerary are the same, you can request an invitation letter for a few people at once.

The price of an invitation letter is 1500 RUB per traveller. You will receive the invitation letter via E-mail within 24 h after proceeding with the payment. If necessary, you can order the original to be sent by fax or by post.

Attention: we provide invitation letters for tourist visas only. The duration of your stay cannot exceed 30 days. If you require a different visa type or you are planning to stay longer than 30 days, please contact us at: order@bpltech.pro.

Order form

Details of your trip
Passport details
Verification and payment
Details of your trip
Allows single entry and exit, valid up to 30 days
Allows double entry and exit, valid up to 30 days
If you require a Double Entry Visa, please fill in your last (second) departure date
In most cases there is no need to change a purpose of travel.
Please mention all cities and hotels you are planning to stay at
The address designation is not mandatory, but may be required for visa application.
Usually a booking number can be found in your booking confirmation. As a rule, it is an E-mail from a hotel or a booking system. If no booking number available, you can leave this field blank.